Frequently Asked Questions

What regions in Sydney do you cover?

We look after the Inner West and Eastern Suburbs. If you want to check our availability in your area, please contact us and we’ll either let you know if we can help, or recommend a trusted alternative.

How do we get started?

The first step in the process is to book your private one-on-one consultation or call us on 1800 GOPAWS. Together we will arrange a convenient time to visit you and your pet(s) at home.

This no-obligation free consultation lasts approximately 15 minutes. During this time we will discuss your specific needs and requirements, as well as address any questions you may have. Your Pawsome carer will gather important information and get acquainted with your pet(s) to ensure we design and provide the very best personalised service and care.

We will also take you through registration paperwork in preparation for booking and discuss how we obtain access to your pet. For pet visits or regular walking of your dog, we will arrange to hold a set of keys to your property. Don’t worry – these are kept in a safe with no way of identifying your property to them.

Is Pawsome Pet Services™ insured?

We carry Public and Product Liability insurance, this means pets in our care are fully covered. All pet carers are experienced, have undergone NSW Police checks, and are constantly monitored in the field.

Will you still walk my dog(s) in bad weather?

Depends on the severity of weather conditions – safety first for Pawsome pets and their carers. We won’t walk dogs in heavy rain, thunderstorms or extreme heat. You will not be charged should weather intervene and Pawsome Pet Services™ makes the decision not to walk dogs for safety reasons, and we will offer an alternative visit service for dogs that need toilet breaks or a quick visit.

Do I need to supply anything?

For dog walking – please provide your dog’s collar and/or harness and wet weather coat (if you have one). We will bring our own leashes.

For home visits – please provide food and water bowls. We will follow your lead on their diet, routine and serving size. Please ensure you leave more food than necessary just in case your holiday is extended.

What if there is an emergency?

Although you’re unlikely to experience any issues, it’s best to prepare for them – we will therefore agree an emergency plan upon registration. At all times we carry emergency contact numbers and should there be an emergency, your Pawsome pet carer will decide the best course of action: after notifying you immediately of the issue, he/she will proceed either straight to the nearest veterinarian or, if possible, go to the pet’s own veterinarian.

How many home visits do you make?

We recommend two visits per 24hr period, simply for added comfort with morning and evening feeding depending on your routine. However, we can arrange extra visits and longer visit times if necessary. Bearing in mind, this will slightly increase the daily rate.

Click here to view more information on our pet visits.

How can I assist Pawsome Pet Services™ with walking or minding my pets?

  • Please make sure your dog has a current registration and ID tags (microchipping) and maintain all vaccinations.
  • Ensure your dog or cat’s latest worming, flea and tick treatments are up to date (please reach out to us if you need help administering these).
  • Make us aware of your home security operations and where you dispose of pet waste.
  • If you have specific requests, please just let us know and we will do our best to accomodate.

Where do you go for group dog walks?

The walks take place in a variety of local areas, all of which are picked to provide some great places to exercise your dogs. We only go to council approved off-leash dog parks (that helps provides safety), away from roads and fenced so the dogs can run freely and enjoy themselves.

How long do group walks last?

Group walks last 60 minutes – travel to and from the walk area isn’t included in this time so your dog will get a full 1 hour of fun and exercise, and we try to limit their time in a vehicle as much as possible.

When we return your happy and tired dog any dirty paws will be wiped clean, poochy towel-dried if a little wet, water bowls replenished with fresh water, and any lights and radios you wish to have turned on. Leaving your pet feeling safe, secure and ready for a nap.

Why use Pawsome and not just put my dog or cat in a boarding kennel or cattery?

Placing your animals in kennels and catteries can be expensive for you and very stressful for your pet. Pawsome Pet Services™ will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your pet(s) can maintain their normal routine at home, are safely looked after, properly exercised and above all happy and loved.

What are the terms for your online store?

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We do not make any guarantees, warranties or representations about the products, except those implied by Australian Consumer Law.

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