Puppy Elementary School in Sydney

Puppy Elementary School in Sydney
Puppy Elementary School in Sydney

Pawsome’s Puppy Elementary School will ensure your family and your puppy start life with the best paw forward.

Small-numbered classes are run from Pawsome HQ, Glebe NSW in a comfortable home outdoor environment, with Covid-safe measures in place.

Also ideal if you couldn’t get into a Puppy School, or you’ve recently graduated Puppy School but feel like you didn’t quite get all the information you needed.

Total course cost: $249 inc. GST​

Let’s face it, puppies are cute – extremely cute. But they can definitely get into all sorts of mischief! And this is where you can use all the help you can get to ensure you’re setting up for a successful, happy, loving long life together.

Pawsome has established a Puppy Elementary School programme with the aim to better understand common urges and impulses in puppies and dogs and how to teach your dog to choose better behaviours.

These classes are aimed at resolving issues such as

Learning their name and recall
to you
Barking for attention
Rushing out of open doors
on people
Running up to strange dogs
Mouthing hands for treats
Eating garbage
at the park or home
Pawing for attention after being told "No"
Pushing past people in narrow spaces
Stealing human food or breaking into food bag

Pawsome’s very own Pack Leader, Happiness Coach & Pitch-Perfect Dog Trainer Stef will demonstrate safe, positive-reinforcement methods for:

Our Head Trainer Stef

Due to the current situation with Covid in NSW, we've had to pause classes for now. However we're still able to offer dog obedience training or group walking! Contact us if you'd like to know more 🙂

Register for Puppy Elementary School

Our first group class at Pawsome HQ gets underway on the first Saturday of every month – we have 2 morning sessions only with 4 slots available in each, so get in quick and secure your Private Puppy Training Session to reserve your placement!

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to complete ‘Step 1: Private Puppy Training Session’ prior to beginning ‘Step 2: Elementary School’. Stef will advise the start date of your group classes at your Private Puppy Training Session.

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