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Pawsome - Dog Walking Inner West Sydney

We are Pawsome Pet Services™.
Your premier pet care service helping make life a little less stressful for busy Australian pet parents.

Our slogan is “Loving your pets like family” because we care for your furry friends when you’re busy with life’s demands.

Our staff work with you to understand what your pets need and customise services for them. We keep you updated through a private WhatsApp group so you can trust that your dogs and cats are in good hands.

When looking for dog walking services, dog owners should consider several key factors to ensure the well-being of their pets. It is crucial to choose a dog walking service provider that is experienced and professional. We tailor services to your dog’s specific needs and personality.

We Design Our Services For Busy Pet Parents…

Returning To The Office?

Ensure your dog has a fun day out by booking a 1-hour walk with a professional dog walker. Your four legged friend will come back tired from playing with well-matched pals. Your service includes pick up and drop off!

Daycare For Busy Furparents

We get it – work and life is busier than ever. Give your dog a rewarding experience by joining us for 4 hours of dog daycare. They join a group of furry friends that match their personality. This ensures they have a great time and get their daily exercise.

Looking To Take A Break Away?

Whether it’s work or play, an in-home pet visit means no disruption to your beloved pets’ routine. Perfect for those furparents who want them cared for in their home environment – and not in caged care.

We Make Sit Happen

Get personalised training for you and your dog with our expert trainer. Improve behavior and strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend.

Need Help With A Puppy?

Cute and sassy, or a destructive whirlwind? Set them up for life with our proven techniques in a safe, home environment. Never more than 4 puppies per class.

Getting Married? We Can Help!

Take the stress out of your momentous occasion and hire Pawsome as your doggo chauffeur! From delivery or pickup at reception to dropping them home and feeding, we’ve got you covered.

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Spoil your pet - from your desk

From our very own Pawsome Ball to our range of LED collars and UFO Pendants – we’ve got something for every special furry friend.

Spoil Your Pup: From Your Desk!

Your MUST-HAVE checklist before deciding on a Pet Carer

If you are looking for dog walking, daycare, obedience training, puppy school or anything else, you can’t afford any mistakes. Ever. That’s why we’ve put together this handy checklist for all new pet owners.

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