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The Pawsome Ball

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The Pawsome Ball is a Ball in One

  • It’s Indestruct-a-ball!
  • It’s Blue (did you know dogs can see Blue!)
  • It floats
  • It’s textured for easy grip
  • It’s super bouncy, and
  • It’s made from non-toxic materials!

Ideal for small to medium-sized dogs, The Pawsome Ball is a high-quality dog ball created in Sydney Australia by a team of professional dog lovers, trainers and walkers.

We put The Pawsome Ball through its paces out on the field with doggos of various sizes, and it’s tough enough to withstand even the chompiest of chompers! Because of all the Pawsome benefits this ball in one brings, you won’t need to be constantly forking out for replacements – or worse still, risk a potential choking hazard from those inferior products.

We even put our money where our mouth is – with a money back guarantee over the quality of the ball.

We’re not only animal lovers at Pawsome, but also passionate about helping the planet – so for every ball sold, we will donate $1.00 to WWF’s Regenerate Australia programme to rehabilitate and restore wildlife and habitats; and future-proof Australia against climate disasters.

All our packaging is 100% recyclable, right up to the compostable postage bag.

Size: 59mm diameter / 97 grams

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11 reviews for The Pawsome Ball

  1. Rachel Hynes

    My dog Daisy absolutely loves her Pawsome ball. The ball is great for a dog who likes to endlessly fetch, it goes for miles and floats too. Daisy takes it on every walk!

  2. Jess

    Gary is an avid ball enthusiast. He has good taste in balls, and the Pawsome Ball is definitely his top pick. In a short amount of time, he has already clocked up kilometres of chasing the ball, and it shows no signs of being damaged- at all. A tennis ball is lucky to last a day in Gary’s possession. Gary loves swimming, and chasing the Pawsome ball out into the middle of the river. It floats perfectly. Thanks for making a ball that Gary can count on!

  3. Johanna McClymont

    My dog Gilda was instantly obsessed with this ball! Being a smaller dog with a huge need for speed, this ball got the perfect distance and bounce to encourage her love of the chase. It’s easy for her to see, chew and carry and gave her hours of fun without sustaining any damage. Great to see a toy give my hyper little pup enjoy a toy so much!
    I’ve heard it floats so I’m looking forward to taking it to the beach for water fetch.
    Would 100% recommend.

  4. Dan

    My dog (and all the other dogs at the park) love this ball. My dog’s mate Mala is known for destroying balls within seconds but this is holding up well. Great ball.

  5. Justine McGill

    Kricket is obsessed with any ball but when she has a choice, picks the Pawsome ball over any other. It is perfect for fetch, even though it is too small for her ball thrower, I have found I don’t need it as the bounce means the ball goes much further than other balls when thrown by hand. Kricket, spends hours either rolling on the ball or squeezing it in her mouth and it is still in perfect condition. We have to take the ball off her and hide it to make her rest!

  6. Elizabeth

    Nicky loves this ball so much and so do her puppy friends at the park. It’s a good weight and size for her. It has good bounce for her jumping zooms and she hasn’t destroyed it like most of her balls.

  7. Kimberlea Dudley

    We Love our Pawsome Ball! With a staffy like Tully, it’s not often a ball lasts more than 2 walks but this ball is extra tough and totally worth it!

  8. Danielle

    Jeff loves his Pawsome ball, particularly as the colour matches his harness! It’s a good weight and is very bouncy. It has been on many park visits now and is showing no sign of wear. Thumbs up from us!

  9. Rosie

    As a connoisseur of balls and ball-related products, I had never found one that met my exact specifications – until I found the Pawsome ball. It has the appropriate degree of bounce that challenges me to catch it, yet it’s the right size to fit comfortably in my mouth. I also enjoy the texture, which is soft enough not to break my teeth but hard enough that my regular attempts at chewing have, so far, had little to no effect. I would highly recommend this ball to discerning consumers in the market for the latest leisure equipment.
    Yours faithfully,
    Miniature Schnauzer

  10. Cameron M

    Teddy is a kelpie cross beagle cross total nut job! His favourite things in order of favourite-ness were; Going for a drive, Food, and balls! When his new ball arrived, we were about to go for a drive.. I opened the package, gave ted the ball, and he went upstairs with it. It took 3 calls for him to remember we were about to go for a drive. He is now very confused on his once solid list of favourite things!

    Ted also likes to take it to bed with him. Not ideal when the human rolls on to it in the middle on the night, but I’d be heartless to take away Teds new favourite thing!

    In other news, the ball is now 2 weeks old, and still looks new. This is a record for a ball in this house, as ted could shred a tennis ball in under 45 minutes!

    Highly recommend!

  11. Tracey Kisiel

    We love this ball!
    It’s already lasted longer than any quality ball on the market would have. It’s weight makes a super fly catch it game and the bounce is so much fun.
    Teddy can self entertain with this ball as it bounces when he drops it, And he finds the size is comfortable to hold in his mouth.

    The only thing that can be upgraded on this ball is a GPS tracker so we can never loose it!

    Best ball we have found for an Australian Cattle Dog who is a tough chewer

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The Pawsome Ball

The Pawsome Ball is a high-quality dog ball, designed in Australia by a passionate team of experienced professional dog trainers and walkers. Durable, safe and able to withstand gruelling toothy punishment, you won’t need to replace this ball in a hurry. We really think it’s the best ball you’ll ever buy!

From every sale of The Pawsome Ball we donate $1.00 to WWF Australia to rehabilitate and restore wildlife and habitats across Australia - helping to keep our greenspaces lush for all furry and non-furry friends.

Why is The Pawsome Ball so awesome?

Tried and tested with our dog walkers and clients in the field, The Pawsome Ball proves tough for small to medium breeds – no need to keep buying replacement balls on a regular (and not to mention expensive) basis!

We designed the Pawsome Ball in blue, so your doggo will actually be able to see it. Human eyes have three types of cones that can identify combinations of red, blue, and green. Dogs only have two types of cones and can only discern blue and yellow – this limited colour perception is called dichromatic vision.

No more losing balls in waterways!

The Pawsome Ball
The Pawsome Ball

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Pawsome Ball – super-bouncy, and easy to throw long distances.

The Pawsome Ball is made from a sustainable manufacturing process – and while we strongly discourage your dog from snacking on it, rest assured there are no toxic materials.

With an easy to grasp surface and perfectly weighted, The Pawsome Ball makes for hours of fun and entertainment or as a reward/behaviour exercise accessory for our four-legged friends.

Live outside of Australia?

We’re about to launch The Pawsome Ball in your region. If you can’t wait that long, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll see how we can help!

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